What is Marcstone?

On the surface, Marcstone is a supplier and manufacturer of cast stone. But, the heart of Marcstone goes deeper than that. We aspire to make people’s dreams and visions actually become a reality.

We specialize in high-end, custom manufacturing of architectural stone and that’s primarily what we produce.

Production Values

The Cast Stone Institute is demanding a ten year product guarantee. Frankly, we think that’s a low ceiling. If we’re going to be replicating stone it should last longer, closer to 100 years. We want a general doing a maintenance pro forma on a new building to be able to expect the exterior veneer is going to be last in a hundred plus years. That’s why we’re pushing concepts like mix hydration further than anyone else in the industry.


Frequent touch-points keep projects on track. We check in throughout production and delivery to keep buyers informed. We’re not going away. You could really forget about it and we’re not going to forget about it.

We’re going to give you everything you need for success, from on-time service, to quality product with consistent color. In the even of damaged a parts, we’ll generally be able create that part, and turnaround and ship it out 16 hours later. That’s the type of service that we provide.

The cast stone for a project is just one portion of the big project for both masons and for the general contractors. We proactively communicate so that you aren’t worried about the cast stone. We have that covered.

Marcstone is the Solution

At the end of the day, it’s not really a question of “Why Marcstone?”.
Just give us the one shot and it’ll always be Marcstone.

See completed project galleries in our portfolio.