• How to Patch Cast Stone

    As a cast stone manufacturer, we don’t necessarily like patches. In fact, we go to great lengths to avoid them in our packing and shipping process, and we generally prefer to replace a piece than to patch it. Unfortunately, once installed, damage sometimes occurs such after a part is installed, such that the part can […]

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  • How To Wash Cast Stone

    How To Wash Cast Stone

    We produce more than 6 million pounds of cast stone per year, and every piece of it ends up on a structure somewhere in the USA. Often, our cast stone is a principal architectural element of a new structure. Despite its eye-catching position, we often see installed stone that is just one wash away from […]

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  • What the Cast Stone Institute Gets Wrong

    What the Cast Stone Institute Gets Wrong

    The Cast Stone Institute is demanding a ten-year product guarantee. Frankly, we think that’s a low ceiling. If we’re going to be replicating stone, it should be closer to 100 years. If a general contractor or builder is going to be doing a maintenance pro forma on their building, we think it’s going to be […]

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  • What is Marcstone?

    What is Marcstone?

    On the surface, Marcstone is a supplier and manufacturer of cast stone. But, the heart of Marcstone goes deeper than that. We aspire to make people’s dreams and visions actually become a reality. We specialize in high-end, custom manufacturing of architectural stone and that’s primarily what we produce. Production ValuesThe Cast Stone Institute is demanding […]

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  • Why Precision Hydration Is More Important than Wet vs. Dry Cast

    Why Precision Hydration Is More Important than Wet vs. Dry Cast

    We’ve all heard the words “dry cast” and “wet cast” thrown around in sales pitches and specs, but often these terms are used imprecisely, and even divisively. In fact, a given cast stone or precast producer will often tout the strengths of wet cast or dry cast merely based on which they themselves produce. It’s not a bad sales strategy, but it shouldn’t win your business. To argue that one casting method is inherently superior to the other showcases a lack of understanding with regard to cement hydration, and we’ll explain why.

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